Alexandra Spence & MP Hopkins - The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real CS

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Alexandra Spence and MP Hopkins are sound makers living and working on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. Using foil, flutes, tuning forks, tones, tapes, tiny bananas, stones, mouths + more, their work explores the spatial and sculptural elements of a practice in experimental sound.

Their debut release, The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real, was recorded on the cusp of Spring one evening in 2020, at Tempe Jets; a disused sports club hall in Sydney. During this session, a stationary pair of room microphones were encircled by tables of objects, speakers, instruments, and actions. Additionally, Spence and Hopkins shared a pair of in-ear binaural microphones that they roamed the room with, taking turns to inspect up close, and from afar, each other’s sonic activity. The result is a document that moves through states of amorphous sonic density, rattle and clunk, magnetic drift, and instrumental sounds both trill and tentative.

More Mars, 2021