Avarus - Festareilla CS

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Two documents of Avarus in live action, at two legendary festivals.

First we witness the group at Avanto in Helsinki 2007, close to the peak of their caveman "rock" era, road-tested on several extensive tours in Europe and USA. After a lengthy vocal/electronics intro, the band chases the ghost of early Ash Ra Tempel down the hillside and inevitably off the cliff, in a Wile E. Coyote style. Ideas, both good and bad, are thrown around with almost reckless abandon.

B-side takes us to Höstfest in Jyväskylä 2014. The set took place on the cozy and chilly outdoor stage on a crisp autumn evening. This time the sound represents the later, more mellow and electronic phase of beer trance. There is no sense of hurry, just a group of friends enjoying the sound. The lineup is slightly extended, with Antti Tolvi and Jussi Karsikas on keyboards.

The whole thing is crowned by the eye-popping artwork by the one and only Tommi Musturi.

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