Dan Fröberg - Songs From The House (Will Drown You Before It Is Water Again (LP

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In the very beginning of it all, there was total silence.
And then, suddenly, 2222 years later B.C., a bumblebee buzzed, and the rest is history, as they say.
In others worlds, the magickal Indian instrument, the swarmandala, found the artist and sound-composer Dan Fröberg in early 2010.
Since then, they have constantly communicated and performed, within carefully choosen "from time to times" transmissions,
Sometimes here, other times out there; always in between, because "always is always forever".
In the hallways of the all ways.
Or something like that.
And NOW, the OUTERDISK String Series are proud to present the very first solo Swarmandala Record ever, as we know it!
23 songs, all transmitted by the slightly mysterious Mr. Dan Fröberg, who by normal standards is an artist and sound composer, but, as para-reality had it, the Swarmandala demanded something completely different out of him, and Dan immediately percieved the telepathically sent messages, and soforth, allowed himself to be the vessel for these magickal compositions and sonically woven textures on the swarmandala.
You can All join in!
Please, do so!

Outerdisk, 2021