Giancarlo Toniutti/Massimo Toniutti - Stratégies Obliques I LP

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Giancarlo Toniutti

A Tinct Myrrh (discard an axiom, just carry on)

Composed in March 2021. All sounds recorded early 2021.
Studio work from March to April 2021 at la stanza nera, Udine.
Sound sources : eraly percussion, rustler, iron wares, prepared slabs, domestic idiophones.

Massimo Toniutti

The Background Colour of a Paragraph (ask your body, mute and continue)

Recorded and composed : February/April 2021

1. sounds and ideas and experiments (February)
2. the domestic installation (March)
3. composition of the selected material (April)

Ferns, 2022