Greymouth - Twilight Furl 7"

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„We must show social conditions, not just songs.” a wise music ethnologist once said. But how to transport environments into song sonics? The enigmatic duo Greymouth found a creative answer and sent their conceptions to Berlin Neukölln, right at the steps of the bustling Kashual Plastik office, where an unclear corpus of operative's fashion new sounding crypto currencies 24/7. Four tranquilized speed ballads waxed on 7inch vinyl, carrying drunken melodies, kraut-intoxicated grooves, and outlandish guitar fever, tuned in, and effected by the Japan based New Zealander’s Mark Sadgrove and Mark Anderson in their home, whose “room” is part of the creation. While the vinyl gently weeps, the listener gets immersed into the duo’s Mise en Scène, that stretches the spatial layout whilst the temporal formation melts merciless towards a locked groove that never comes. Electrified hallucinogenic wood music for cities, ensorcelled city blues music for woodlands. Droning, drifting, evoking, provoking. You might never get that close the psychedelic Greymouth conditions again!

Kashual Plastik, 2022