Loopsel - The Spiral LP

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The music for The Spiral was first created as soundscapes to a multimedia spatial installation (with the same title) initiated and curated by last oblivion in spring 2019. The installation took place at Basement, Copenhagen april 2019 and was open for 7 days with events and happenings specifically curated for each evening.


Last Oblivion is a framework for the collaboration between multimedia artists Elena Biner (CH) and Tina Damgaard (SWE) both living and working in Copenhagen. The music was released on tape by Amatör Kassetter in september same year and later released on vinyl by Förlag för Fri Musik 04/18/2020. Recorded and mixed by Loopsel 2019, mastered by Viktor Ottosson.  Artwork: Last Oblivion - Tina Damgaard and Elena Biner
Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox, 2021. 150 copies pressed.