My Teeth Need Attention #3 + 7"

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This issue of My Teeth Need Attention includes interviews with Jackson Wingate (Flipped Out, Burnt Hills), Joe Piccirillo (Minimum Table Stacks), photos, fiction, reviews, and more. Jackson has been notoriously averse to doing interviews in the past, but with the encouragement from Eric Hardiman, MTNA reached out and Jackson graciously agreed, delving into the his history, including the Erl and Flipped Out labels/stores, as well as the long running basement heads-collective Burnt Hills. Ethan Swan’s approach to interviewing Joe Piccirillo of Minimum Table Stacks pulls out some great insight into the ideas behind the label, and Joe’s approach thus far. Ethan also completes the interview with a review of the label’s entire discography to date.

The zine is: 7 inches x 7 inches, 60 pages, full color
photocopy, saddle stitched.

In the tradition of early issues of seminal underground zines like Bananafish, Muckraker, and Chemical Exposure, My Teeth Need Attention #3 includes a 7” EP with six exclusive tracks. Carbon challenged luminaries from drone, American primitive, improvisational, and experimental undergrounds to respond to the spacial limitations of a 7” comp, and the rewards are brisk punches of sound, revelations of style, and surprise detours from an international host of artists. Both sides end in locked grooves. 7” cover is a sketch variation of zine cover, printed in 3 color Riso, with multiple variants. Vinyl labels are hand-stamped.

side A
Greymouth - Gunned it
Liam Grant, Grayson McGuire, Devon Flaherty - Spoonful
Bill Nace - Phone Call (For Lena)

side B
Will Veeder - Sora Sorrow
Bruce Russell - Au bord de la mer
only vernal pools - even the night moth

The zine and 7” are only sold together, and are limited to 330 copies!

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