Nev Lilit - Adorable Ruin LP

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‘Adorable Ruin’ is the second release of Stokholm-based composer and electronician Siri Jennefelt under her Nev Lilit moniker, and her first one to be released on vinyl.

Each composition of the release starts with a drone that seems to be of a similar design, but brings us into vastly differing worlds. Jennefelt’s blend of large, primal drums and meticulously crafted synthesis, that moves independent of each other, makes a fitting canvas for her extensive arsenal of haunting, dystopian sound design.

There is both an immediacy to this release that feels like a direct reflection of the confrontational nature and despair of our present-day world, but it is also obscured by a great calm, that bares with it a chilling, bleak foreboding of the desolation following a potential collapse.

Moloton, 2018