Sandoz Lab Technicians - New Botany 2xLP

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"We've been working on this album since well before 'The Western Lands' was recorded, and feel that it encompasses some of our finest live and studio work. SLT stalwart James Kirk has provided the stunning cover paintings and the album has been constructed especially to fit nicely on to four sides of delectable vinyl. 'New Botany' is a heavily atmospheric drone epic, with forays into modern classical, free jazz and musique concréte. It's a deep-listening experience that rewards repeated visits and nocturnal exploration."
Tim Cornelius / James Kirk / Nathan Thompson
Guitars, drums, piano, field recordings, laptop, voice, electric keyboard, violin, echocello, music-box, bells, percussion, bush sax, bamboo flute, autoharp

Special guests C1 - Sally McIntyre & Peter Kirk
All tracks improvised live in concert or studio (A1, A3, C1) in Dunedin, Christchurch, and Sydney. Recorded by Campbell Kneale (A4, B1, B3), Jim Currin (A2, B2, D2), David Kahn (C1), Battery Operated (A1), James Kirk (A3) and Eden Smith (D1).

Mastered by Forbes Williams. Paintings by James Kirk

Thanks to all involved. Dedicated to Peter Kirk (1972 - 2011)
Knotwilg Records 2016