T.D. - Music History: Sound Arrangements for Instruments, Tape, Environments CS

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"If music be the food of love, play on..." - Orsino / Shakespeare
'Music History' is the second full length tape of solo sound art by T.D. (Thomas DeAngelo), and the fifth and final edition on the sporadically functioning Crisis of Taste label. Originally conceived nearly five years ago, shelved countless times owing to various whims and incompetencies, and finally completed in a manic burst of activity late 2019, it is the sequel you never knew you were waiting for. Following a similar logic as 'Violence as Sport' (2015), this is a sound at odds with itself, as a hopelessly muddled and personal set of references suffocate under their own gravity, sucked further and further down a black hole of speculative intent. Commentaries on the rote gestures of the underground, unable to reclaim the lost futures of a once meaningfully radical Avant Garde, and sagging under the weight of a laundry list of post-modern sanction and banality, evaporate into the room in which they are aired, or are washed away with the tide. Music has become disgraced, but what is left in its place? Only an intuitive sensualism remains for consideration, even when it make no sense.