The Family Men - No Sound Forever LP

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The long time in the making troubled debut album from The Family Men is finally here!  Consisting of people now involved in the Harmful Records imprint and acts like Incipientium and The Flesh-Eating Bugs, The Family Men was founded in 2017 when the band members were only around 15 years old. From the early era and a rather rowdy garage punk sound, the band has progressed their music into something very different during the years. 9 blistering industrial rock tracks for fans of Big Black, Amphetamine Reptile Records and early Swans.

"From the depths of Gothenburg, The Family Men emerge. Since 2017, they have slowly carved out a sound entirely their own within the current music scene, standing out as one of the hardest groups in Sweden today. Making use of unconventional sampling, chainsaw-guitars and gritty industrial tones, they manage to blast their way into yet uncharted musical territory. Their debut album 'No Sound Forever' is an explosive, daring and vital record of a band ready to swallow you whole."

Harmful Records, 2024