V/A - Nice Try, Sunshine! LP

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"Nice Try, Sunshine!" is a compilation of 14 Swedish underground pop hits that should have conquered the heart of every pop fan around the globe, but somehow has fallen into obscurity.  The bands on this record were mainly active during the 2000's and early in the following decade, with some obvious exceptions.

From the very first tones of Days' lovely "Downhill" (a song that should be the very blueprint for any indie pop song written since), this record takes us to that place that only really beautiful pop music can, whether it is the heart crushing nostalgia of Ring Snuten, the pure indie bliss of Free Loan Investments or Jens Lekman backed by his childhood self. This is our way of showing respects to these little gems of pure pop beauty."

1, Days - Downhill
2, Japan Air - Sept
3, Funday Mornings - Killing Thomas
4, Second-hand Furniture - Nice Try, Sunshine!
5, Action Biker - Farrah
6 Signed Papercuts - Au Revoir
7, Ring Snuten - Mellanstadiediskot

1, Paddington Distortion Combo - Something to say 2
2, Jens Lekman - Boisa-bis-o-boisa
3, Florian - No One Goes For The Most Clever Girl In Class
4, Rough Bunnies - Dance With Your Shadow
5, Free Loan Investments - Kick His Balls Out
6, My Darling YOU! - Everything, Allright!?
7, The Honeydrips - Hej Då, Karolin

Appetite, 2021. 250 copies.