V/A - Respect The Unexpected: In The Age Of Sci-Fi LP + CD

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It’s a soundtrack homage to the 80's science fiction b-movie scene.
composed by contemporary artists.

The Compilation Includes 12 artists and 19 tracks on vinyl and cd.
The Sleeves are DIY screen printed and the jacket is built out of wire fence.


A Side

Al Chem - The last victorian
LST - Outer limits of inner atrium
Innsyter - in spite of everything
waswaas - Aversion
Andreas O Hirsch - Steamboat Jr
Inkasso - Astralkörper

B Side

A.N.I. - Yes! sure! If you don`t mind
EEL - App Beta
Kӣr - Basamaci
TRJJ - Before planetary scale
nkls - Social hypnosis
XVARR - time is not real


Kӣr - Altro non è'l mi'amor
Jorge Velez - El Tren G
Shelter - Sympathetique F
LST - Open after minimal pealing
Hinosch - 9 comp edit
Pose Dia - Canopy
Al Chem - The other side

Kashual Plastik 2020